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Our environmental strategy

Creativity instead of crisis

As a wholesale company and service center for metal, we see it as our responsibility to contribute through active environmental protection to the preservation of the environment, our living habitat and the economic capabilities of our present and future generations.

With regard to environment impact, we have set ourselves the following key objectives within the framework of our environmental strategy:

  • We are constantly reducing the possible negative effects of our business activities on the environment and avoiding them completely wherever possible. Our aim is to produce in a CO2-neutral manner and to autonomously regulate our entire power supply!
  • We actively promote and strengthen our employees' sense of responsibility for the environment – acting on one's own responsibility is an essential part of our corporate culture. To this end, we offer staff training and continuing education programmes intended to promote environmental awareness in many ways.
  • We take environmental and sustainability aspects into account when procuring raw materials, components and ordering services from third parties.
  • We ensure strict compliance with all environmentally relevant legal requirements and other regulations on environmental protection.
  • We regularly record a wide range of measurement and consumption data in order to be able to react as quickly as possible with environmental protection measures.
  • We ensure internal and external transparency of our environmental policy, goals, strategy and all measures and seek out dialogues with interested parties and the public.

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