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We manufacture metal from the running strip

Colorful / glossy / mat / versatile

In 1998, häuselmann metall GmbH was founded in Germany as a subsidiary of häuselmann Holding AG, Switzerland.

In 2000, warehouse and office infrastructure appropriate to the company was acquired in Forst (near Bruchsal).

The specialization of the häuselmann metall GmbH Germany lies in the area of aluminum rolled products, especially in the surface-finished condition, in painted or anodized versions.

With the relocation of the company headquarters from Forst to Mannheim in January 2014, we are setting new standards in sales and especially in the service area with the high-performance processing center.

Here, häuselmann metall GmbH offers all prefabrication processes for sheet metal and strip through to coated foil as well as stainless steel and the entire non-ferrous metal range of non-ferrous metal semi-finished products.

Our Vision

Who is our customer?
The customer is the most important visitor to our company.

He is not dependent on us.
We are dependent on Him.

It is not a disruption to our work.
It is its purpose.

He's not outside of our business.
He's part of it.

We are doing him a disservice by serving him.
He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

After Mahatma K. Gandhi

All employees of häuselmann metall GmbH