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Variety, precision and service

We process customer requests in our processing center in Mannheim.

Here we can react quickly with a high and varied storage capacity and score points with customer-friendly service. With expertise and precise execution, our motivated processing team ensures that metals reach our customers in the desired requirements and quality >just-in-time<.

The processing services include cutting, decoiling, transverse and longitudinal cutting, foiling, sawing and edging of the various types of metal according to customer specifications.




What we can do for you:


Customizable and flexible according to your requirements.

Special formats / cuts
Fix lenghts sheets up to 12.000 mm
Fix - fix cuts, width and length cuts.

Slitted coils

Steel / stainless steel / aluminum straps

We cut customer-specific strips from steel, stainless steel and aluminum on the most modern cutting machines. The processing of refined material is also possible.

On request, we can cut your material fat-free or with a narrowed saber and width tolerances far below the DIN standard.

Material strengths from 0,5 mm to 2,00 mm
Material widths from 3 mm to 650 mm
Coil-outside up to 1.500 mm
Ring wight up to 4.00 kg per mm strip width
Coil-inside 300 / 400 / 500 mm also on paper cores

Small / large coils

Processing of coils and sheets
Decoiling | Rewinding tapes onto other tape weights (small coils)

Thickness 0,3 - 3,0 mm    
With 200 - 1.600 mm    
Ring Inside Diameter (RID) 300 / 400 / 500 mm                         


We offer an all-round package consisting of incoming goods, intermediate storage, processing, packaging, transport, just-in-time.



We coat metal sheets and plates on one and both sides on our foiling systems.

We use various standard or laser foils depending on the customer's requirements.

  • UV resistance according to Western European climate = 300 h QUV test.
  • When removing protection films, the processing temperature should be >10°C - <40°C!
  • Other film types and other film manufacturers are available on request